Putting Advanced Technology In Your Hands
What We Do
  1. Automated Individuality
    Automated Individuality
    In a time with Siri and Google Now, it seems we have all the automated accessibility one could imagine. Here at A.I. we strive to produce automated tasks to improve the quality of our day to day actions, and to make your device completely hands-free.
  2. Accessibility
    We strive to maintain a unique way for you to interact with your smartphone, smart T.V., and other household smart devices in a revolutionary way.
  3. Synchronicity
    We utilize cloud technology to better manage your preferences across all of the technology you use in your daily life, creating a seamless connection between your tech. and allowing you send tasks and commands from one "device" to another.
  4. Endless Possibilities
    Endless Possibilities
    We would be pleased to work on a personal level to offer customized solutions to any of personal or professional technological needs. Technology is ever-evolving and here at A.I. we seek out challenges to press us forward into the field.
​An A.I. Box for your TV can do many things, including streaming Movies/TV Shows (We are currently working on emulating video games.) This is all possible by using Android applications. A.I. Boxes can also be used for controlling smart home devices, like lights, thermostats and plugs. Furthermore, most WiFi enabled home devices can connect to one of our A.I. Boxes.